Victoria Sue has spent the last six years creating lots of stories, and sometimes other worlds, where boys can fall in love and lust with other boys. Not that she makes it easy for them. In fact, she's often been accused of plotting many evil ways her guys have to struggle through to get their Happy Ever After.


An Enhanced Wedding | Gay Urban Fantasy by Victoria Sue

Six years of blood, sweat, tears, and laughter. Of zany characters. Of evil ones. And the sort of book-boyfriends you want to take home.

This series is all about finding love when you thought you were unlovable. About family that you made because you were rejected by the one you were born in to.

It’s about kids that were thrown away by the people that should love them the most. It’s about second chances, even first chances.

But mainly it’s about people with visible scars and about those with hidden ones, and the people they fall for that see beneath them all.
And love them anyway.

Please don’t buy this book if you never fell in love with Finn. If you never wanted to shake Talon until he rattled, or pull Gael into a gentle hug and kiss his hurts better. If you never wished that everyone deserved a Vance, or wanted to wrap Eli in bubble wrap. And never understood that even when Sawyer was invisible, he still needed to be seen.

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