Newest Ebook Release
Baby and the Wolf
(Shifter Rescue #1)

Baby and the Wolf cover photo

Orphaned at the age of nine and sent to live with his abusive uncle, Emmett Keefer felt his life was over before it even began. Eleven years later, desperation gives him the courage to run…right in front of a moving vehicle. Not his smartest decision, but he can’t be too upset when he winds up in the arms of his gorgeous hunk of a rescuer.

As a mixed breed wolf shifter, Ryker Sullivan long ago accepted that he would never be Alpha of his own pack. Instead, he focuses on saving other shifters from being persecuted or, worse, killed for not being pure breeds. 

The attraction is instant on both sides and giving into a one-night stand seems harmless, but neither man is prepared for the truth about Emmett and how his mother died…or how it will change their lives forever

Newset Audio Release
Eternal Knight
(Guardians of Camelot #4)

Eternal Knight audiobook cover

The final battle….

The only thing standing between the evil of Morgan le Fay and plunging the world into the depths of unending darkness is a beggar and his love for another man.

Struggling to feel worthy, Gawain knows some sins can never be forgiven. He may be considered a knight, but his past was never so noble, and the fear he won’t ever have a future is one he can never let go.

Imprisoned for over 1,500 years, Galahad knows that freedom can be an illusion, especially if the only way to defeat the witch is by staying caged for eternity.

And then maybe nothing, not even Gawain’s love, can free the chains around his heart.

COMING SOON: Shifter Rescue Series #2

Omega Rescue

 Baby and the Bear
free prequel

 Baby and the Panther
available October 5

For a cuddly middle-aged accountant Seth was having a bad day. His boyfriend had dumped him. He’d narrowly avoided hitting a wild bear and crashed his car. He was lost in a snow storm, and likely to die of hypothermia. The only shelter he could find seemed to have been already claimed by the wild bear that he’d nearly hit earlier, and now looked at him like he’d make a nice snack.

Bear shifter Jesse’s whole year had started bad and gone downhill from there. He was in labor and if his family found him they would kill his cub. He needed help. He needed a miracle.

When the human he’d tried to frighten away not only refused to go and became his surrogate midwife, Jesse began to wonder if he’d finally found one.

This is Kai and Marco’s story.