The Twelfth Knight

Guardians of Camelot Book 1

To triumph over an ancient evil they had to first find the other half of their soul.

Merlin hated being named after some mythological wizard his father had obsessed over before his tragic death started the downward spiral of Mel’s own life. Now, barely surviving by selling his body every night, his life is saved by a stranger insisting he is part of the same destiny.

Born a commoner, Lancelot was never supposed to be a knight of Camelot in his own time, never mind become embroiled in dark magic and thrust into a modern-day world he was ill prepared to protect. Convinced he is waiting for the rebirth of Guinevere, his feelings for Mel make him question every belief he has ever had.

Can Merlin prove to his knight they are two halves of the same soul and wage the coming war side by side, or will Mel have to make the ultimate sacrifice when the fight to save humanity means destroying his own heart?