Guards ran to take the animal as Luca threw himself down to reach Kit. Luca’s heart was gonna crash through his ribs, and in an instant he was there. Kneeling, gathering something infinitely precious to him. What the hell was Kit doing? He had nearly killed him, and Asher, being the nearest, had pushed him out of the way just in time. Nial ran over. Someone had taken his horse as well. Nial was a gifted horseman and they’d wanted to see how capable Luca was. There was just going to be him and Nial. He hadn’t wanted an audience.

Reverently, gently, Luca ignored the guards and the offers of help. Sam yelled for the servants but Luca was praying that whatever he had done to Kit’s back would work a second time. He balanced Kit’s slight weight in his arms, and for the second time in two days he carried him unconscious inside and up to their rooms.

“Sire,” Sam ran in front, opening the doors and pulling the cover off the bed.

“Leave us,” Luca ground out to what seemed like half the pack who had followed them in. Asher stood there looking like he was about to die, and Luca took a breath. “Wait outside.” He wasn’t ready for everyone to know what he could do. He heard Tara run in behind Sam and Sam hurriedly explaining what had happened. Tara was begging him to lay Kit down so she could see. “Silence,” Luca growled, harsher than he had intended He strode to the bed. “Leave me,” he ordered, and heard Sam pushing a protesting Tara out of the door in front of him, then silence as they were alone.

Luca had panicked when he had seen Kit. So still, so pale. He had no idea what had made him risk his life by stepping in front of the horse.

Luca didn’t lay on the bed, but walked to the large chair in the corner and sank down cradling Kit’s limp body protectively. He gathered him close, gently, and closed his eyes. Willed with everything in him for Kit to wake, to be safe.

An awareness prickled at the edge of his mind. He opened his eyes to the blue of another pair staring at him steadily. Luca made a very unmanly noise in the back of his throat, pressed his forehead into Kit’s neck, and just breathed. The soft scent. Kit’s soft scent. Lemons, and woodsy.

A hint of spice and a whole load of perfect.

He lifted his head. “Why? Why the hell would you scare me like that? What if I hadn’t been able to do this?” Kit dropped his gaze, seemed fascinated with Luca’s shirt. “Don’t you realize how important you are to me?” Luca asked softly, his voice quieter as the indignation, fear, and worry bled out.

Am I?

Luca placed a gentle finger under Kit’s chin and lifted his face. His eyes glinted with unshed tears.

I would never hurt you, and I’m sorry I ever brought it up.

Kit pressed his lips together as his chest heaved. Luca knew he was trying to get himself under control. He gently kissed each eyelid closed, tasting the salty tears that brimmed under them. How could he have hurt Kit like this? Luca deserved to be whipped.

Kit gulped, then whispered, “I understand.” He opened his eyes. “I know you need an Alpha-heir. I’m…”

“I would kill anyone that touches you in that way,” Luca said. “Just so you know. And I know that is the most hypocritical thing I have ever said. I don’t know what you see in me.” Luca’s head jerked back a little, his heart speeding up. What if? “Kit.” He clasped both of Kit’s small hands in his. “Please don’t ever think you have to do this. I don’t want to back you into a corner, here. I—”

Luca was effectively silenced as Kit’s lips stole his breath. He groaned and molded his own lips to the hesitant ones kissing him. Immediately he could feel the response in his groin, and his pants, fitted for riding, were now way, way too tight. Kit broke off. “Let’s not talk about it anymore.”

“Let me look at you,” Luca raked his eyes assessingly over Kit and felt around the back of his head. “Not even a lump.” He said in awe. “How do you feel?”

Kit smirked. “Like you’re doing way too much talking. I can think of other uses for your lips.”

Luca grinned and stood, lifting Kit with him. and stared for a second. Bright blue eyes that looked a hundred percent better than a few seconds ago. Kit’s soft skin, flushed at his neck. The pulse point beating as if it were trapped. Luca’s gums ached. He knew Kit tasted so delicious there.

He pressed Kit’s ass with his palms, holding him against his groin. Kit immediately wrapped his legs around Luca’s waist. Kit shuddered and Luca inhaled. The scent coming from Kit was driving him insane. “What would you like me to do instead of talking?” he murmured and nuzzled into his neck. Kit arched his neck for better access and gasped as Luca’s teeth grazed it.

“You mentioned a corner?” Kit squeaked as Luca pressed him tight, bulging cock to bulging cock. “I want to talk about what you are going to do when you back me into it.”

Luca chuckled. “Actions speak louder than any words I could ever hope to muster.”

Luca wanted to tear every item of clothing off them both but as his hand went to his waist, he saw Kit’s pupils widen and his lips part, and then everything in Luca demanded he give him a show. Kit drew a shaky breath as Luca deliberately unbuttoned his pants and drew his shirt out. For a second he gave Kit a flash of skin and he heard the quick indrawn breath. He stared at Kit. The small, pink tip of his tongue darted out to lick his lips, and Luca groaned silently. He wanted to taste them so badly. Arms up, shirt up and off in one fluid movement, and Kit seemed to take a breath in and stop. His eyes fixed on Luca’s hands. One button, two.

Let me, please.

Luca’s hands fell to his sides and Kit rose up. He traced his palms down Luca’s chest. Luca’s eyes drifted shut as the talented fingers dusted over his nipples. Luca mourned their loss even as he relished feeling them move lower to his pants. Luca couldn’t help the groan as he felt the material slide over his aching cock and it sprang free. He shook. He wanted to lie down as much as he desperately wanted to remain exactly where he was, but at the first delicate touch of cool fingers on his hot throbbing length he wasn’t sure what would fail first—his knees or his control.

“Luca,” Kit murmured, and Luca’s hands rose of their own accord and settled lightly on Kit’s slim shoulders. He felt the puff of warm air brush his skin a second before the glorious, wet heat of Kit’s mouth seemed to suck him right in. How Luca stopped himself from thrusting forward was simply beyond him. Kit licked and swirled his tongue around Luca’s rock hard length and Luca fisted his hands, but they remained still on Kit’s shoulders. Luca’s whole body seemed to draw up.
Everything in him throbbed with need. With want. Pure sensation thrummed through every nerve and lit every cell as if his skin were alive.

Kit hollowed his cheeks and pulled back. Luca whimpered as the delicious throbbing sensation pounded in his cock. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. There was nothing else in his world. His whole universe centered on the hot mouth devouring him and the pressure in his body. He wanted to move, to cry out, but he was helpless against the onslaught of Kit’s lips. When his climax finally thundered through him, Luca couldn’t even remember his name.