Hunter’s Creek

Sai has spent half his life locked away in a human psychiatric facility for inexplicable rages and inhuman strength. Drugged and desperate, he is ready to give up completely until one miraculous day he’s rescued by a stranger who not only says his rages are because he’s a rare unbonded wolf omega, but insists Sai is his true mate.

Asher is used to shifters of every sort. Growing up, he was his mom and dad’s first successful foster cub and, along with his large family, they often get emergency calls about shifter kids in trouble.

Except Sai is no child. He’s one hundred percent grown up gorgeous male and one hundred percent Asher’s fated mate. He’s also rare. Very rare. Given time, Asher is sure he can explain…except when the rogue wolves discover Sai’s existence and the baby he might be carrying, time is something they no longer have.

Then the race isn’t about explaining how much Asher loves him, but becomes about saving Sai’s life.

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