Baby and the Bear

For a cuddly middle-aged accountant Seth was having a bad day. His boyfriend had dumped him. He'd narrowly avoided hitting a wild bear and crashed his car. He was lost in a snow storm, and likely to die of hypothermia. The only shelter he could find seemed to have been already claimed by the wild bear that he'd nearly hit earlier, and now looked at him like he'd make a nice snack. Bear shifter Jesse's whole year had started bad and gone downhill from there. He was in labor and if his family found him they would kill his cub. He needed help. He needed a miracle. When the human he'd tried to frighten away not only refused to go and became his surrogate midwife, Jesse began to wonder if he'd finally found one.

The Letter small

The entire newsletter serial short story

A man who thought he had put his past behind him is suddenly confronted with a letter.
When the nerdy librarian offers to tutor the star quarterback, more than touchdowns might be made!