Pure Indulgence (Book Excerpt)

Pure Indulgence by Victoria SueJoe started his truck and glanced behind him as he reversed out. His breath caught and for a few seconds he couldn’t move. The pink flowers he still didn’t know the name lay wilting on the back seat where he’d tossed them. Joe tried to swallow as images flashed through his mind. The colored shorts that matched the streak Adam had put in his hair. Or the tiny black ones that matched the eyeliner. When he’d sung at the auction and every Dom in the room had wanted him. When Joe had wanted him the most and hadn’t been able to get his head out of his ass to do something about it.

And how, no matter how many times Joe had messed up, Adam had still come back for more. His hands gripped the steering wheel so tight Joe thought it would break. One more time, please God, one more time. This was all his fault. He wouldn’t mess up again. If someone would give him one more chance with his boy, he’d get it right this time.

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Cindi – On Top Down Under Reviews
“Adam is perfect. Joe, though hardheaded, is also perfect. I loved every single page of this book. I can’t wait to read more by this author.”

Bike Book Reviews
“This book is a wild ride that keeps you on your toes and guessing, I loved every second of it! You will fall in love with the men of Pure even more by the end of this one! Thanks Victoria Sue, for a followup that is just as special as the first!”

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