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Five Minute Bowling

“How old are you, five?” Finn elbowed his incredulous boyfriend who was reacting to what Vance had said and then promptly had to shake his arm out. He really had to learn not to do that. It was like poking concrete. “You asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday,”...

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A Five Minute Valentine

“So, are you going with the traditional flowers and chocolates, or are you being a bit more creative?” Talon blinked at Gael, having no earthly idea what he was talking about. “Please don’t tell me you forgot,” Gael said flatly. Talon paused, his mind going a mile a...

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The Science Behind Five Minutes Longer

I wanted superheroes, but I didn’t just want a man in tights (not that a lot of people would object to that) but I needed a reason. According to the fountain of all knowledge – Google – some babies are being born without their little toe. Some scientists say this is...

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A Five Minute Christmas

Talon was going to kill him…again. Finn really hadn’t meant to invite anyone else. Their first Christmas Day and they’d promised each other they were going to eat turkey in bed. Just the two of them – all day. Thanksgiving had been a complete bust. Some cop over in...

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